🌺Wildflower Seed Paper Details

Seed Paper Details  

Our cards are made of Lotka Paper. This is a Fair Trade product.

The Lotka Seed Paper is hand made in Nepal by rural craftspeople.  

The raw material for the paper is the Daphne bush.  A 3-4 year old bush is cut down and stripped of its bark. The plant is not harmed when it is cut down, it will regrow.  Once the bark is removed, the remaining stick is dried and used to heat homes and provide fuel for cooking.  All Water used in the production of the paper is reclaimed. The whole process is earth friendly and provides a rural community with a life sustaining enterprise.

 What Seeds Are In The Paper? 

There is a mix of annual and perennial seeds: 
Snapdragon | Petunia | Daisy | Thyme | Poppy | Beardtongue | Catchfly | Maiden Pinks | Chamomile

Viability and Germination Rates

Due to the nature of plantable items, we hope you understand that growth may vary and will ultimately depend on the end user's care. Here are the steps we take on our end to ensure your seed paper is viable and has acceptable germination rates:

🪴 We order fresh seed paper often to make sure that your seed paper is viable for many months to come.

🪴Our seed paper is tested by us; tested by the seed supplier; tested by the USDA (twice) and tested by the department of agriculture in Nepal (twice). Seed paper can remain viable for up to 1-2 years, though germination rates may decline each year. We recommend using your paper within a year for the best germination rates.

🪴We cannot stress enough how much water and sunlight affects your seeds. Unfiltered, bottled or natural spring water and avoiding extreme temperatures during germination is best. Using water with high amounts of chlorine is not recommended.

🪴Avoid planting your seed paper directly in the ground - it can dry out too easily. We highly recommend starting them in a pot or planter, near a window, and watering every day until they're very well established.