🪴 How to Plant

🪴 Place the seed paper card (torn up) in a plastic bag with a tablespoon of water to moisten, let sit in a warm place for 24 hours.

🪴Place moist paper in a pot filled with soil, cover with 1/8" of loose soil.

🪴 Keep MOIST. You can place a piece of plastic wrap to cover the top of the pot for the first few days until sprouts are seen, this creates a small greenhouse effect.  You should see plant swelling or start of seedlings in 1-6 weeks. Remember, germinating seeds cannot tolerate even the smallest drought.

🪴Place in 3-4 hours of indirect sunlight.

🪴 Watch flowers grow.

🪴 Plant outside once established.

We cannot stress enough how much water and sunlight affects your seeds. Unfiltered, bottled or natural spring water and avoiding extreme temperatures during germination is best. Using water with high amounts of chlorine is not recommended.